About us

RIO Zagreb was founded at the beginning of 2015, with the initiative of a few students from the faculty of sciences in Zagreb, who saw the establishment of this association  as one of the ways to fight for the environmental cause and education of people towards that cause. Shortly after the birth of it, RIO Zagreb agreed to a cooperation agreement with the Association for Environmental Protection RIO from Novi Sad so that a common goal become as widespread and accessible to as many citizens in the several states.

Amongst the many goals and activities,

which this organization perform, the

most notable one is the exchange of

scientific and educational materials

with individuals and organizations

across the region, with the aim of

spreading the need for environmental protection.

The mentioned goals are accomplished by organizing workshops, seminars, discussions and debates with students, but also with the local community by the demonstration of new trends in the world and new scientific research methods in the environmental protection field.

The organization of the rehabilitation of wild and secondary landfills across the region, and mostly of the affected areas of water supply and areas of exceptional ecological importance.

Networking with students at national and regional level in order to strengthen capacities, modernizing the technique of overcoming problems in legislation concerning environmental protection and active participation of citizens in decisions about changes in their environment.