Zagreb Green Fest is a pilot project from the non governmental organization RIO – Zagreb, who, through cinema, education, expositions and activity programs dedicated to the ecology and environmental protection, encourages a culture of life with respect for nature.

The entry to the festival is free.

The festival program is divided into three sections:

Green Genre
Green Classroom
Green Career.

The cinema portion of the festival, the
Green Genre is divided into two segments: the competitive short film side and the “runway”, where everything is presented. The program has an international feeling, the festival goers would have the possibility to see various local films, European and international films with the subject of ecology, earth’s protection and other subjects linked with these themes. The objective here is to encourage university, primary and secondary school students to include themselves into the festival, alone or in a group. The can produce amateur films there, and can present them during the second part of the Green Genre.

Green Classroom is an educational part of the festival, to enlighten people creatively with the help of experts.

The activities for the students are very important which include workshops and conferences, as well as demonstrations. Next to the workshops, the festival goers could see shows for all ages.

The Green Career proposes a program full of shows, where various “green” products will be shown, as well as inventions and initiatives.

Green Career is a segment of the festival directed towards an ecological area, for students and professionals. Companies with important information’s will be present to aid students with what they need for a chance at a future job.

 The ministries will also present their plans and programs, and the possibilities for the future graduates. Their participation will be taken into account by the faculties which will demonstrate their paths leading to the mentioned domains, and the individuals whose projects have been put in place.

 There will be a free addition to the festival, where there will be free yoga classes, dance classes and meditation throughout the whole festival, as well as a presentation of bio food producers and art works depicting ecological subjects.